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"Open a book this minute and start reading. Don't move until you've reached page fifty. Until you've buried your thoughts in print. Cover yourself with words. Wash yourself away. Dissolve."

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your thoughts more white than wool
My thought is sorrowful:
but my heart smote in trembling thirds
of anguish quivers to your words

E. E. Cumming

and I could feel my soul dropping down
through the
Charles Bukowski, the night I was going to die”

you think life is rotten if somebody treats you
rotten it all fits,
doesn’t it?
tell me, is that it? do you want to be treated like a
piece of shit?
Charles Bukowski

In the isolation of her life, she transferred into that childish head all her sparse, shattered illusions.
Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary

A heavy downpour. Stand and face the rain, let its iron rays pierce you; drift with the water that wants to sweep you away but yet stand fast, and upright in this way abide the sudden and endless shining of the sun.
— Franz Kafka, from Diaries (via kafkaesque-world)

There was no Purple suitable —
You took it all with you —
— Emily Dickinson, from “[1320]” (via proustitute)

restless days
always fighting
with all your
heart and soul
so as not
to fail at

Charles Bukowski, my song

having been
born into this
strange life
we must accept
the wasted gamble of our
and take some satisfaction in
the pleasure of
leaving it all

Charles Bukowski, mind and heart

I have been alone but seldom
I have satisfied my thirst
at the well
of my self
Charles Bukowski, mind and heart